Leadership episodes

#15 – James Schenck, CEO of PenFed

“Risk Mitigation not Risk Avoidance!”

EP 17

#13 – Tim Spadafore, SVP CGI Federal Services

“Hockey Player Turned Tech Leader!”

EP 15

#41 Shannon Huffman Polson Author The Grit Factor

Authenticity | Audacity | Adaptability

EP 73

#40 Fran Racioppi -Founder FRsix, The Jedburgh Podcast

Perspective | Gratitude | Comradery

EP 71

#38 Anna Frazzetto , CDTO -Tential

If You Belive IT … You Can Achieve IT

EP 67

#37 Jim “Hondo” Geurts US Navy Undersecretary (Ret)

Leadership = Curiosity + Humility + Boldness to Act

EP 63

#36 Reeba Magulick, Founding Partner D8 Group

Some Times We Go Sideways to Get to the Top

EP 61

#35 Sujey Edward, CTO Octo

Some Times You Press, Sometimes You Slow Down

EP 59

#33 Sid K Hasan ,Co Founder & CEO of MeSpoke

Being a Father is the most important title I’ve held

EP 54

#51 Chris Schmitt Founder of Azimuth Consulting Group

Sometimes We Need a Thought Partner

EP 50

#30 Angela Heise CVP Microsoft , Defense & Intelligence

Never Make A Career Decision Based on Fear

EP 48

#27 -Ali Pourghassemi Internal Revenue Service Industry Liasion

My Super Power is that I am a People Connector

EP 42

#26 -LTC (Ret) Kevin “KP” Petit Phd Partner Performance Systems

Want to Make a Change or a Difference ? Actions Surpass Words

EP 40

#25 – Moe Jafari Chairman Executive 1 Holding Company

The hardest thing we have to do is unlearn is Fear

EP 38

#24 – Patrick Gaul Executvie Director NTSC

Creating Public + Private Partnership for Education & Mentorship

EP 36

#23 – Graham Plaster The Intelligence Community Inc.

Join The Defense Intelligence & Innovation Ecosytem on Substack Today !

EP 34

#21 – Dr. Sarbari Gupta CEO Electrosoft

“Our time is the most precious thing we have”

EP 30

#19 – Ron Cruse, President and CEO, Logenix

“The secret to success is doing the common thing uncommonly well”

EP 26

#18 – Haresh Bhungalia, CEO of CasePoint

Its an Evolution not a Revolution

EP 24

BONUS – George & Will Dukas, Send Smiles

Hear their story of Family and Community!

EP 22

#17 – Ronda Schrenk, CEO USGIF

Talented People + High Motivation = Exceptional Performance

EP 21

#12 – Veeral Majmudar, CEO of The Savan Group


EP 14

#11 – Sumeet Shrivastava, CEO & President of ARRAY

“Passion, Purpose & Philanthropy”

EP 13

#5 – Jeremiah Watts, Co-Founder & Principal of D|WATTS

“When the Why Outweighs the Fear“

EP 5

#4 – Rahul Pandhi, CEO of Collabralink

“Today will be a Great Day, I can and I Will”

EP 4

#3 – Mike McDermott, President of InquisIT

“BOTH -AND, The Atypical Leader”

EP 3

#2 – Naveen Krishnamurthy, CEO of RIVA Solutions

Continue to Learn and Mentor Creativity.

EP 2

#68 Anna Frazzetto , CDTO -Tential

If You Belive IT … You Can Achieve IT

EP 68

#91 BG Shane Reeves, Dean of Academics USMA West Point

Intellicual Adversity Helps Us Outhink Our Problems

EP 91

#94 LTG (Ret.) Bruce Crawford, US Army CIO , SVP Jacobs

“Never Destroy a young persons dream by telling them what they can’t do”

EP 94

#97 Tom Harker, Secretary of The Navy ( Ret.)

Every Risk Has Its Rewards and Point of Diminishing Returns

EP 97